The first stocks of therapeutic cannabis delivered in France to develop a drug

In collaboration with DelleD SAS (“DelleD” or the “Company”), a French public laboratory received the first stocks of cannabis a few days ago. They will be used to carry out work on the processing for the elaboration of the first batches of cannabis intended for medical use and produced on the national territory.

The government-mandated therapeutic cannabis trial is scheduled to begin in January 2021. Designed to include 3,000 patients and about 100 doctors, it is intended to evaluate a system of provision. DelleD is a young French company that has been working on this subject for several years through the LaFleur project.

In parallel with frequent meetings with public players between 2015 and 2019, it is making substantial investments in research and development with the aim of producing cannabis that meets pharmaceutical standards in France by 2022.

In December 2019, the collaborative project on the extraction of cannabis, which will make it possible to produce the first oils, capsules and gels for medical use, received an import authorization from the French National Agency for the Safety of Medicines (ANSM). A few days ago, these first stocks of therapeutic cannabis were received. It will allow to work on the development of techniques and tools to extract and produce tomorrow’s health products.

Franck Milone, founder of DelleD, completes :

We have been mobilized on the subject for many years. This is a French first and I am very proud of it. We are going to be able to continue the complementary work to the oncology trials already carried out with this new project. In the short term, this will enable us to develop the means to make cannabis flowers our first drug for cancers that are refractory to available therapies.

In recent months, DelleD has entered into several partnerships to act as an early player in the French market. Last March, it formalized a strategic alliance with RYAH Medtech, a New York-based company specializing in big data and medical devices for the use of medicinal plants.

DelleD’s mission is to respond to the entire value chain involved in the medical use of cannabis, from varietal selection to pharmacovigilance and risk reduction for medical use.

About DelleD SAS

DelleD SAS (“DelleD”) is a French biotech company specializing in the optimization of plant production through lighting and artificial intelligence as well as the development of cannabis-based drugs. DelleD develops with leading public and private laboratories, innovative extraction methods, genetic and production optimization of cannabis, galenic formulations and has already conducted a preclinical trial in oncology. DelleD is also working on a clinical trial to be launched in 2021.