DelleD raises 3 million euros for therapeutic cannabis in France

Thanks to the private investor financing signed on July 31, 2020, DelleD can now accelerate its LaFleur project and develop its new oncology treatment based on cannabis assets.


Large-scale, long-term financing provides DelleD with the opportunity to expand its areas of expertise. In particular in the fields of pharmaceuticals, horticulture, analytical sciences, marketing and communication.
In the field of the pharmaceutical industry, the main objective of the LaFleur project is to develop a pharmaceutical specialty in oncology for cancers that are refractory to available therapies.
Linked to the economic development and academic research fabric of Angers since 2015, DelleD moved into new offices in the capital of specialized plant science on October 1, 2020; the installation of its R&D site will follow in November 2020.


These funds will allow DelleD to continue its activities for the experimentation of medical cannabis in France. DelleD will propose the manufacture of secure cannabis cartridges on the national territory and the supply of medical devices through the partnership with RYAH (a big data and technology company focused on predictive analysis in the global medical plant use industry).
“The strategic partnership with RYAH is very important for DelleD because it allows us to propose a solution to secure the use of medical cannabis flowers by French patients during the first experimentation set up in France. “says Franck Milone Delacourt, President of DelleD.
Finally, to complete the fundraising, DelleD is calling on a public funding mechanism.
DelleD hopes to mobilize more than €4 million to continue its therapeutic efforts over the period 2020-2023 to accelerate the introduction and development of cannabinoid medicine.
LaFleur by Solene


At DelleD SAS, we are working to optimize the production of cannabis-based drugs through innovative methods of lighting and artificial intelligence. The LaFleur project, created by DelleD, focuses on the development of drugs in partnership with public and private laboratories. In particular, the LaFleur project innovates on new extraction methods, genetic optimization processes, research in galenic formulation as well as in preclinical research. In 2022, LaFleur will launch a clinical trial with a view to obtaining marketing authorization for a cannabis-based drug in oncology.