DelleD – LaFleur obtains a public funding of 500k€ for the development of its cannabis-based drug for the treatment of cancers refractory to available therapies

At a time when France needs to support the strategic health sector, DelleD announces that it has obtained €500k in funding for its research project on cancer treatment.


Nearly 400,000 people are affected by cancer in France and the number of deaths is close to 160,000 people per year (in 2018, by the National Cancer Institute). The biotech startup DelleD, created in 2014, develops within its laboratory named LaFleur, innovative cannabis-based therapeutics to support patients refractory to available therapies. Medicines that should enter the human testing phase by 2022.


In order to support the companý s research and development activities in the treatment of cancers, this financing is operated́ jointly by Bpifrance and the Ile-de-France region.

This will enable LaFleur to cover part of the development of its research project in the area of oncology initiated in 2018. This funding will support, among other things, the completion of a pre-clinical trial on the animal model. LaFleur hopes that the results will allow it to continue towards an early clinical trial.

Under this agreement, 2/3 is provided by Bpifrance in the form of a repayable advance and 1/3 in the form of a grant from the Île-de-France region as part of the 100,000 trainees plan. DelleD – LaFleur will finance €1m as part of this agreement.

“This is the first public funding for the development of a cannabis-based medicine. We are pleased to receive this funding to support efforts to improve the quality of life of French patients and look forward to further support in the pursuit of our pharmaceutical development projects,” commented Franck Milone, Founder of DelleD.

Thanks to this public funding, we can continue our academic partnerships and our mobilization to promote the competitiveness of the French territory.

LaFleur by LaFleur


At DelleD SAS, we are working to optimize the production of cannabis-based medicines through innovative lighting and artificial intelligence methods as well as green chemistry processing. Le projet LaFleur, created by DelleD, focuses on drug development in partnership with public and private laboratories.

Garance UBALDI

Press Relations Officer

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