Experimentation with cannabis for medical use

Call for tenders sprayers

On 26 March, Health Minister Olivier Véran was in Clermont-Ferrand to announce the launch of the therapeutic cannabis experiment. Medical cannabis will be made available to patients for two years in two forms: oils administered orally and flowering tops (dried flowers) to be vaporised for inhalation.

Following the announcement of the selected suppliers/operators for the medical cannabis experiment, the French National Agency for the Safety of Medicines (ANSM) has launched a new call for tender for the supply and distribution of a cannabis-based vaporisation device.

DelleD submitted its application and is one of the few French companies to have done so. The company will have to ensure the delivery of the spraying device to the pharmacies for internal use in health institutions and to the dispensing pharmacies participating in the experiment, if it is selected.

Franck Milone, President of DELLED adds: ” We offer French patients who find themselves at a therapeutic impasse the only controlled medical device with secure cannabis cartridges. As a French laboratory, we are participating in the creation of an intelligent medical cannabis programme in France.”


At DelleD SAS, a French start-up that has been involved in therapeutic cannabis for more than five years, we are developing innovative cannabis-based therapies to support patients who are refractory to available therapies. Drugs that are expected to enter human trials by 2022.


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