Medical Cannabis: After the selection of foreign manufacturers, the place is now open to French companies.

The Agence Nationale de Sécurité du Médicament (ANSM) has published the results of the call for tenders for the supply and distribution of cannabis-based drugs for experimentation.


DelleD had applied and was one of the few French companies to have responded to this call for projects. The decree setting the framework for the experiment limited the derogation to the import and distribution of cannabis products, omitting processing or manufacturing operations on the national territory. In this sense, the regulatory framework, which was still too restricted, did not allow the selection of the project carried out by DelleD and its partners.

To date, the efforts made by the government in the field of medical cannabis allow us to serenely envisage the planned experimentation, which will begin in March.

Franck Milone, President of DELLED adds: “We regret, however, that the questions of manufacturing the drug in France have not been raised. We are working with the government to ensure that this problem is resolved as quickly as possible. We are determined to produce cannabis in France for patients who have been waiting for too many years.

Questioned on this subject, the Ministry of Health recalled in October that an interministerial working group had been created and that a decree was being prepared. To date, no additional information has been issued to potential applicants for this production authorization.


At DelleD SAS, we are working to optimize the production of cannabis-based drugs through innovative methods of lighting and artificial intelligence. The LaFleur project, created by DelleD, focuses on the development of drugs in partnership with public and private laboratories. In particular, the LaFleur project innovates on new extraction methods, genetic optimization processes, research in galenic formulation as well as in preclinical research. In 2022, LaFleur will launch a clinical trial with a view to obtaining marketing authorization for a cannabis-based drug in oncology.


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